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Premier's Award of Excellence and Innovation

The nomination period for the 2018 Premier's Award of Excellence and Innovation is now closed.

The Premier's Award of Excellence and Innovation celebrates the good work of the public service and showcases the talents of our employees. Nominate an individual, a small team, (under 12 people) or a big team (cross-department teams of more than 12 people) of public servants for outstanding service or achievements.

Recipients will be announced on June 14 at the Premier's Awards of Excellence and Innovation ceremony during Yukon Public Service Week.

See below for recognition criteria and frequently asked questions about the award.

Recognition Criteria

Recognition criteria (general and specific) represent what government most values in public servants. Accomplishments, service and contributions that demonstrate at least one of the general criteria and at least one of the specific criteria may lead to a Premier’s Award.

General Criteria

  1. Promotes a high standard of customer service.
  2. Promotes the organization’s stated outcomes.
  3. Demonstrates commitment to continuing improvement.
  4. Provides a role model for the public sector or community.
  5. Promotes, where possible, inter-agency or inter-departmental collaboration.
  6. Demonstrates commitment to achieving value for money.
  7. Demonstrates the achievement of social, economic and/or environmental improvement.

Specific Criteria

1. Quality service. Exceptional levels of service or on-going quality service to the public and in the public interest by an individual or team which may include:

  • quality, timeliness, accessibility and reliability of services delivered;
  • creativity and innovation to meet client needs;
  • significant improvements to an existing process or program (cost savings can be a sub-element); or
  • the creation of a benefit or positive long term impact on clients, stakeholders or Yukon citizens’ lives.

2. Leadership. Exemplary leadership of a project, program or team that:

  • enhances the quality of the workplace for employees and contributes to the enhancement of diversity, safety and health, workplace culture and employee development;
  • improves workplace processes by changing existing procedures for the better, reducing costs or increasing efficiencies;
  • delivers a one-time or ongoing contribution to clients or the public;
  • demonstrates a strong “people” element (i.e. leadership is committed, involved and creates and sustains a participatory environment);
  • demonstrates well defined strategic direction;
  • demonstrates human resource planning and practices which contribute to work unit effectiveness and outcomes;
  • creates a continuous learning environment which contributes to a skilled and motivated workforce; or
  • creates employee satisfaction and results in more effective work unit performance.

3. Innovation. Development of new ideas into tangible initiatives, including:

  • use of new technology to enhance program and service delivery or improve existing processes and procedures;
  • creation of new and unprecedented programs, services​ or opportunities for Yukoners​;
  • identification and pursuit of new opportunities for Yukon; or
  • demonstration of scientific excellence or a leap of creativity in public sector management work practices or service delivery. ​


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