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Human Resource Policies

General Administration Manual (GAM) Volume 3

3.1 Maintenance of General Administration Manual 
3.6 Orientation 
3.7 Casual Personnel 
3.8 Confidential Employees 
3.10 Indemnification 
3.11 Leave for Reservists

Telework Guidelines
Telework FAQs

3.13 Leave with Pay 
3.14 Membership Fees 
3.16 Employee Documentation, Oaths and Personal Information 
3.17 Attendance and Work Breaks 
3.20 Occupational Health Evaluations and Physical Abilities Testing 
3.21 Clothing and Staff Uniforms 
3.25 Security Clearances Policy
3.26 Long Service Awards 

Discretionary Leave without Pay Policy
FAQs - Discretionary Leave without Pay Policy 

3.30 Staff Accommodation 

Major Games Participation Policy
Questions and Answers for Employees 


Conflict of Interest
A Companion Guide to Understanding the Conflict of Interest Policy

3.41 Contract Employees Terms and Conditions of Employment 
3.43 Underfill Appointments 
3.47 Respectful Workplace
Respectful Workplace (French) 
3.48 Corporate Health and Safety
3.55 Employment Equity 
Employment Equity Staffing Guidelines
3.57 Indemnification for Deputies, Conflict of Interest Inquiries 

Emergency Fire Fighters Terms and Conditions
Appendix - Wage Rates

3.59 Accommodating Employees with Disabilities 

Job Experience Programs
Job Experience Programs - Appendix A

3.61 Learning Organization Policy 

Substance Use and Impairment
Provision and Consumption of Alcohol at Work Related Events - Annex 1
Procedures and Advice for Addressing Impairment in the Workplace - Annex 2