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Compensation & Classification

Compensation & Classification provides employee pay, pension and benefits administration, research and development that meet departmental and corporate human resource goals. Services include:

  • delivery, in cooperation with departments and other central agencies, of government-wide services for pay, pension, benefits and personnel records to ensure employees receive accurate and timely compensation
  • providing advice and training to departmental human resources (HR) staff to ensure consistent administration of pay and benefits activities
  • participation in decision making processes, collective bargaining, Section M amendments, and policies affecting employee compensation
  • researching, developing, implementing, and managing employee pension and benefits plans
  • participation and promotion of continued development and improvement of integrated human resource systems

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General inquiries: 867-667-3067 

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Corporate Human Resources & Diversity Services

Corporate Human Resources & Diversity Services assists departments in achieving their human resource management objectives by providing a variety of programs and services:

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General inquiries: 867-667-5653


Diversity Services

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Corporate Services to PSC

Helps other PSC branches by communicating government priorities and providing central expertise.

Communications branch

Communications provides strategic communications advice and support to the Commissioner and branches within the department. The unit also administers and analyzes the corporate Employee engagement survey and provides corporate support and tools to improve engagement.

Finance and Administration branch

Finance & Administration is responsible for the financial and administrative areas of PSC, including departmental records.

Policy and Planning branch

Policy & Planning provides planning, research and policy development in response to government goals.

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General inquiries: 867-667-5653

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Health, Safety & Disability Management

The Corporate Health and Safety program gives employees the tools they need to stay safe at work today and every day.

Disability Management supports YG supervisors, human resources staff and employees when an illness, injury or disability affects an employee's work. The unit works with YG departments and employees as they plan workplace accommodation, health-related absences or return to work after an absence. They focus on early intervention in order to assist employees to either remain at work or return to work early and safely.

Contact Health, Safety and Disability Management

General inquiries: 867-667-3019

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Human Resource Management Systems

Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS) provides software solutions for administering human resources within Yukon government. Services include:

  • managing the production and client support of the HRMS
  • directing the continuous improvement of the HRMS
  • developing relevant business processes
  • leading the development and delivery of HR information reporting solutions
  • ensuring quality, security, and protection of corporate human resource data
  • providing business analysis services improving integrated human resource business processes


Contact Human Resource Management Systems

General inquiries: 867-667-3000 

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Labour Relations

The Labour Relations branch provides labour relations leadership and expertise for the development and administration of employee relations for the Yukon government, manages the collective bargaining processes and supports departments in employee relations matters. The branch is responsible for:

  • Collective bargaining, strike planning and interest arbitration
  • Administration of collective agreements
  • Interpretation and advice (collective agreement and HR policy)
  • Issue management (labour and employment)
  • Exclusions from the PSAC bargaining unit
  • Labour relations training
  • Labour relations case management
  • Grievance advocacy
  • Adjudication management
  • Human Rights Act case management and adjudication
  • Long service awards and branch administration

Contact Labour Relations

General inquiries: 867-667-5253

Long Service Award inquiries

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Organizational Development

With a view to supporting an effective and high performing Public Service, the Organizational Development branch goal is to ensure that all Yukon government managers, supervisors and employees have access to quality programs, services, learning and professional development opportunities. Services include:

  • career assessment and planning
  • organizational development consulting
  • leadership development
  • courses and training

Contact Organizational Development

General inquiries: 867-667-8198

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Respectful Workplace Office

The Respectful Workplace Office (RWO) is a resource for employees experiencing conflict or disrespectful treatment at work. They supports managers who are responsible for managing conflict and disrespectful behaviour in the workplace. They also assess concerns that are brought forward and determine and manage the appropriate processes for addressing these concerns. Services include:

  • employee orientation, training and education
  • conflict coaching
  • mediation and facilitated conversations
  • work group conflict assessment
  • group facilitation and circle processes
  • other restorative processes

Contact Respectful Workplace Office

Confidential phone: (867) 667-3536 

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